Sindhu Education Society
Jaripatka, Nagpur (M.S.)
Email :- veenad_Bajaj@hotmail.com

India is known for its rich heritage, meaningful traditions and moral cultural values. A person leverages these precious values only by education. Late Shri Lilaram C. Bajaj and Late Shri K.C.Bajaj had established 1 Sindhu Education Society ' with the objective of empowering students through quality education. Today Sindhu Education Society has proved itself to be one of the most prestigious institutions of Nagpur.

Sindhu Education Society comprises Onkarlal Sindhu High School, Tharibai Shishu Vihar & Khubchand Bajaj Central Public School (C.B.S.E.). In these schools, learning is always a pleasure, where every moment is educative in the true sense of the word. We take care of the physical, mental, moral, social, psychological and intellectual needs of every student. I believe that education should be a wonderful journey inwards, discovering the inner potential of the student by acquiring skills beyond the academics. We are proud to provide the education that widens the spectrum of the child's mind. Armed with knowledge, strengthened by the roots of discipline and moral values, our students are equipped to shape their future brilliantly and successfully. Sindhu Education Society imparts a meaningful, fruitful and different educational experience. While welcoming your child into our fold in this institution, I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your discerning choice of the right place that provides the right education in the right environment.